CORNWALL VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: As one reviewer describes this video - "Doc Martin" country was so picturesque. Narrow one lane roads and views that take your breath away..." This virtual cycling video gives you the experience of actually riding your own bike through western England, in Cornwall. Away from city stresses and crowds, this virtual bike ride whisks you away into the rural countryside and makes you feel as if you are there!
DARTMOOR VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: Fewer places on earth are prettier and more serene than Devonshire, England. Spend an hour having the virtual experience of cycling on the same routes where professional athletes compete, with one exception; they're sweating and straining to get up those challenging roads, but you're getting pumped by the same natural vistas without having to work for it. This one is pure enjoyment!
SCENIC ARGYLL VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: For those folks who enjoy the scenery as it passes by, but really don't want to get on a bicycle, this is a good choice for you. In fact, one of our enthusiastic buyers wrote to us and said “I was looking for something to mimic going for a ride in the country. The picture quality is so good it makes me feel like I am on the road instead of in my living room!” We've done all the work for you so that you can revel in the amazing natural beauty of the Argylls.
LOCH ETIVE VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: When you think of the Scottish Highlands, it will put a smile on your face for the breathtaking beauty of its natural scenery. Come along and join us on a really nice virtual bike ride along Loch Etive. For an hour, sit back and imagine yourself cycling in glorious, uplifting and solitary places which few Americans are privileged to see. It will make a nice virtual experience for you or someone you love.
CONNEMARA VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: Think of yourself as a virtual cyclist, powering up truly magnificent climbs without ever losing your breath! You'll enjoy great views of the Twelve Bens, the famous snow-capped mountain range of western Scotland. For an hour, you'll be entranced by the sheer beauty of your surroundings and feel as if you're really and truly there!
COUNTY CLARE VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: Ah, an Irish bike ride in springtime...known to cyclists in many countries as an excellent venue, you too can now enjoy a virtual transport into these pristine Irish villages. County Clare offers little lambs, hawthorn trees bursting with mayflowers – and no traffic! This virtual experience video will put a big smile on your face.
MAHONE BAY VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: Join us for an hourlong virtual cycling tour of eastern Nova Scotia. Much of our ride takes us along the Mahone Bay, an area known for its wooden boat building industry. As we head north to Mahone Bay village, you will notice the three unique church spires along the waterfront. Our virtual journey then takes us to Chester before reaching our final destination: Peggys Cove with its iconic lighthouse. Great views, and a peaceful way to spend an hour.
MT DESERT VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: Acadia National Park in Maine is a beautiful spot to appreciate nature: everything from wide open expanses to dense forest. Why not hop on your “virtual cycle” and experience a trip down Cadillac Mountain! Interesting fact: Did you know that, for 5 months out of the year, it's the first place to see a sunrise in the United States? Pretty cool.
ANGELES CREST VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: Okay, on your bikes, you intrepid virtual bikers! Let's go to California and challenge the Angeles Crest today. This hourlong virtual experience bike ride has something for everyone: speeds ranging from 20 to 40 mph, mountains with dramatic beauty, cloud cover and the Mt. Wilson Observatory. As one review said, "This is a masterpiece! I felt as if I were actually taking that ride through the mountain twists, turns, and into heavy fog....”
NATCHEZ TRACE VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: The Old South – the Natchez Trace : these words conjure up images of beauty and a time long past. Join us as we experience a virtual cycling trip along the Natchez Trace Parkway. It's fall, the leaves are turning and the scenery is really pretty. In this video we'll ride along the lake and through the forest and out again on our trip from Nashville to Natchez.
BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: The majesty of the Blue Ridge in North Carolina is hard to describe. If you are a lover of nature and like to watch the changing of the seasons – especially from your favorite armchair! - then spend an hour enjoying this virtual experience video. And without exerting any muscle power, you can join the ranks of enthusiastic cyclists who love the Blue Ridge Parkway. One reviewer said of this video: “A road trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains! Continuous forward movement at a nice pace keeps you peddling down the road. Natural forest sounds with audible bird calls. Don't miss this one. You'll love it!"
HOLLYWOOD HILLS VIRTUAL BIKE RIDE: Come along as we take a virtual cycling trip up into the Hollywood Hills of California. Have you ever wondered how the stars live and what their houses look like? Here is your chance to see firsthand. The DVD version includes a 6-minute bonus feature.


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