CARIBBEAN NATURE VIRTUAL WALK: When a real cruise to the Caribbean just isn't in the cards, why not take a relaxing virtual trip instead? Go ahead – put on those shorts, fix an exotic drink (no tipping) and sit back for your virtual experience walk in the Western Caribbean! You will enjoy this 60 minute tour on a tropical island in Honduras and on Cozumel in Mexico. This will be money well spent – and no packing or unpacking is involved!
FLORIDA NATURE VIRTUAL WALK – VOLUME 1: If you want to take a delicious, back in time, virtual travel tour of pre-manicured Florida, then this is a good virtual walk for you. Just relax and enjoy the natural flora and fauna and hear the birds sing just for you.
FLORDIA NATURE VIRTUAL WALK – VOLUME 2: On a cold winter's day when you crave warmth and sunshine, why not put yourself in the Sunshine State? This video will take you on an interesting and varied virtual walk through western and eastern Florida. Come with us as we walk through forests dripping with Spanish moss and palmettos and even experience a typical Florida dry prairie.
FOUR SEASONS VIRTUAL WALK: If you enjoy watching the seasons change before your very eyes, then this 60 minute virtual walk is tailor-made for you. Filmed along the same path at each of the four seasons of the year, this video takes you through spring, summer, fall and winter along a well-planned environmental trail. The DVD version also includes a 10-minute featurette filmed in the springtime and edited to the phrases of the musical accompaniment.
MAINE NATURE VIRTUAL WALK: This is a great virtual experience for park lovers! The Acadia National Park, southwest of Bar Harbor, Maine, offers you an exhilarating virtual walk by a forest stream on Mount Desert Island. Later on, you'll enjoy a winding path along the rocky seashore of Maine.
APPALACHIAN TRAIL VIRTUAL WALK: This hourlong virtual experience walk will put you right on the historic Appalachian Trail. You can enjoy this varied walk without ever leaving the comforts of home, and still feel as if you are actually walking along the trail itself! Lover's Leap, the little town of Hot Springs and the best part of all – Max Patch Mountain – will all be yours to experience on a bright summer's day.
HAU'ULA TRAIL VIRTUAL WALK: Beautiful scenery, lush tropical foliage and changing vegetation are abundant when you take this trail walk on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. On this virtual travel walk, you won't muddy your running shoes but will still get an amazing hour of nature and relaxation. The North Shore is blessed with fern carpets, exotic ironwood trees, and dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean. The DVD version also includes a feature on the Hawaiian beaches of Kauai and O'ahu.
HAWAII NATURE VIRTUAL WALK: For lovers of horticulture and all things beautiful, this virtual walk through an Hawaiian botanical garden will delight you. Let this video transport you to an idyllic oasis where you will walk along a lake brimming with ducks, geese, and catch-and-release fish. Palms, Frangipani and other tropical trees, some forming a natural tunnel, seem so realistic that you can almost feel the fresh Kaneohe breeze!


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