Experience Europe...

in a unique way, a way not possible with traditional travel videos and DVDs. Just put one of our European Virtual Walk DVDs into your DVD player and instantly you will be walking in Venice, Italy!

Imagine... It's a spring morning and you are exploring the narrow passageways, passing Venetians as they hurry to work. You really feel as if you are part of the Venice lifestyle. You can almost smell the cappuccino as you walk past the pastry shops. Other shops are not yet open, but young men are carefully cleaning the glass display windows where masks, glassware, clothes, or jewelry are displayed. You wander the maze of narrow streets as Venice slowly comes to life for yet another day. The paving stones beneath your feet were home to both Marco Polo and Casanova. Eventually you arrive in St. Mark's Square, one of the most memorable places in Italy. The Doge's Palace sparkles in the sunshine.

It's later in your walk now, and Venice's little streets are full of shoppers. The handsome waiters in the sidewalk cafes are preparing their tables for lunch customers. As you walk through the narrow streets, you pass an immaculately dressed Italian woman walking briskly to meet a friend. You follow an Italian gentleman out for a walk with his young grandson in his little sailor suit. Crossing a small bridge you find yourself in a tiny piazza facing a church as its bell tolls noontime. There's so much to see, to experience and to enjoy on a spring morning in Venice.

But you don't have to imagine any of this - it's all there on the Venice Virtual Walk DVD. Each one of our European Virtual Walk DVDs will allow you to experience beautiful and historic European locales in an intimate, personal way. As several of our customers have said, "It's almost like you're there!"

Various European Locales to Choose

We have Virtual Walks filmed in Rome, Venice, Amalfi, Ravello, Burano, along the Appian Way, in London, and the English Countryside including 9 Cotswold Villages. In addition, we also have filmed walks in Canterbury, Salisbury, Pompeii, Murano, and Viterbo which are awaiting editing and will be released in the coming months. Your most difficult task may be choosing which European locale to visit first.

These European DVDs are available now:

(Click on each title below for a complete description and photos.)

Our DVDs Filmed in Italy:

  1. Amalfi Virtual Walk DVD
  2. Appian Way Virtual Walk DVD
  3. Burano Virtual Walk DVD
  4. Ravello Virtual Walk DVD
  5. Rome Virtual Walk DVD
  6. Venice Virtual Walk DVD
  7. Isle of Capri DVD Virtual Walk DVD

Our DVDs Filmed in England:

  1. Cotswold Village Walk DVD - Part 1
  2. Cotswold Village Walk DVD - Part 2
  3. English Countryside Virtual Walk DVD
  4. London Waterways Virtual Walk DVD